How not to be dependent on Google

Lots of people are depending on Google for their traffic, which is a reasonable businessplan, but it is a little bit uninspired, and a little bit risky. What if you were suddenly suspended from Google? What if your ranking slipped? What would you fall back on? You have to remember that Google may have the highest amount of traffic ever recorded, but it is also only used less than 50% of the time. When people go online they are using Google less than 50% of the time. This means they are using other methods to get to the website of their choice. It is up to you to capitalize on this is if you do not want to be dependent on Google.

1 – Favorites and RSS feeds are used a lot

Lots of people use their favorites bar, and many people will even use it as a form of bookmarking. They may see websites that they like, and will visit it again later in by saving it in their favorites. For example, the IE favorites bar allows you to create your own folders within the favorite’s bars. That way people can navigate their saved links easily, and can use their favorites without having to scroll through hundreds of links.

On the IE, under the favorite’s star symbol, is also website history and RSS feeds. People use RSS feeds so that they may check when their favorite website has created a new post. Plus, a person may use their history bar to navigate back to their most frequently used websites.

2 – Make your domain easy to type and to remember

This is a good trick if you are advertising offline. You have a domain name that is easy to remember. You must also be sure to pick one that is also easy to spell. It is better to make it as uncomplicated as possible, which means no hyphens, underscores etc. It is also a good idea to have a domain name that sounds the way it is spelled. You should make sure that it cannot be confused with other words, and that you buy the .com, and .net versions to avoid any confusion.

3 – Be the webpage that your users place as their homepage

There is always a web page that people place as a home page, and your page can be that page. If anything, you should have a widget that will identify the browser in use and then allow the user to click the widget in order to have the page set as their homepage.

Convincing someone to install your website as their home page is a difficult task, but you could offer them something that no other site does. One very effective method is to offer five to twenty current news stories so that when their browser first appears, they get to see these news stories.Or your website could have lots of links that point to the tools that your users tend to use.

You have to remember that if you offer a use, then people will want to use your website. So to have someone install your site as their home page, you need to figure out what uses are the most valuable when a person first switches on his or her web browser.

4 – Gain traffic through online and offline advertising

You can advertise with PPC on other domains, or you can install adverts on people’s websites personally. You can link from other websites and you have people link to you from social media sites online. You can also advertise offline. You can do this and give people your domain address so that they can type your address into the address bar. Or you can advertise your company or website name so that people search for it with search engines.

5 – Be incredibly well linked from other relevant websites

Make sure that your pages are already very well linked; but also, make sure that you are well linked from outside your website. These are known as backlinks and they provide a decent amount of SEO. However, they also function as ways for allowing people to visit your website by following the link. This is called direct traffic, and it is good because even if the link you install on another website is a no-follow link, it will still bring you some traffic.

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