How are People Using Twitter to Communicate in Everyday Life – Having the Right Mindset When Tweeting

Twitter is about building relationships with people. Of course we all want to know how to get more followers and as long as we’re bonding with those followers, then we’ve got the right mindset. If you have ten thousand followers but hardly any of them are paying attention to your tweets what good is that going to do for you? An important thing to think of when getting on Twitter is establishing long lasting friendships with others.

Having the right mindset is everything in life.

Whether we’re overcoming obstacles or failures, instilling a positive mindset will make or break our businesses and personal lives. Make a conscious decision to be positive and supportive towards others and they will be attracted to you. No matter what niche you’re in, if you get on Twitter thinking about others first, you’ll be bound for success. If you get on there thinking about earning a quick buck, you will be perceived as a sleazy salesperson ( that everyone runs from.)

Let’s compare this to building an email list.

I’ve heard many people say that they have a huge amount of subscribers on their list. But if those so called “subscribers” rarely open up an email of theirs, what are their real numbers? As with any social media website, when we get on Twitter, we should first think of developing relationships. The financial gains will come as a natural consequence to having the right attitude.

Twitter is about talking to people.

Personally I only get on Twitter when I have them time to engage in the conversation. If I don’t have the time to interact with others, I’ll wait until I do. When I can tweet, I read through my Twitter stream and reply to what I personally find interesting. If I’m not ready to be “in the moment”, then I prefer not to tweet.

When you view Twitter as a giant chat room, then you’ll understand why it’s so important to be “present” when you go there. Reading other people’s tweets is listening to what they have to say. Replying to them is like giving them feedback just like in a live conversation. Unfortunately there are lots of people who think that tweeting is just about advertising their own “stuff” and don’t actually reply to hardly anyone.

If you look at my twitter stats you’ll see that approximately 72 % of them are @ replies. (By the way the link to my stats may take a while to load.) If you want to find out your own stats just enter your twitter username (without the @ symbol ) at

Don’t be shy about retweeting others.

If you find their tweet useful, entertaining or just deep then it’s natural to retweet them. This will also build your relationship with those that you’re retweeting. By retweeting you’re sharing valuable information to all of those who follow you and are looking at their stream at the time. Some people were retweeting others without attributing the tweet to the user, but this is against Twitter’s terms of service. Doing this could get your account suspended.

Discover the most popular tweets.

Just like in the offline world, you’ll quickly find out that you can’t please everyone. There will be those who will like you and those who won’t. There are also certain tweets that are more popular than others.

There’s a tool that helps you see who really liked your tweets. You can find out who favorited each one of your tweets with Favotter. Simply put your name at the top search bar without the @ symbol and then click jump. This also allows you to look at other people’s accounts and see which of their tweets were favorited. Simply put in their twitter username without the @ symbol and the data will come up. This is a good research tool to find out which tweets are popular. It’s a great tool to use when networking with others. You can find out what people like or dislike. There are lots of other tools for you to look through in this post about the best twitter tools that rock.

Following, Friends, and Fans

Another very popular tool which lets you know which tweeple (Twitter people) are following you back is called Friend or Follow. This tool will give you an alphabetical listing with the people’s pictures in three different tabs:

  • People that you follow but they don’t follow you (following tab)
  • Those that follow you but you don’t follow them back (fans tab)
  • All of the people that mutually follow you back (friends tab)

If you simply want to know if a certain person is following you and you don’t want to scan though lots of pictures on Friend or Follow then you definitely should use Does Follow. This will allow you to verify if an individual is following you or not. Both Does Follow and Friend or Follow allow you to find out information about other Twitter users.

Relationships are a two way street – not one sided. If we have this mindset all of our social media interaction will be successful. What are your thoughts? Please share in the comment section below 😉 .

Eren Mckay is a work at home mom that loves to help others get healthy with weight loss motivation tips and quotes for encouragement. She also provides hot wheels birthday party supplies and racer costume on her website.

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