How To Create An Effective Landing Page

Guest Post by Gagandeep Singh

A landing Page is the first page which a visitor see on your website. A visitor can reach your landing page through search engine, by clicking a link in your promotional email or paid search campaign. Each Company has a landing page where all its visitors are being directed to . These pages contain a call to action message for your visitor and help you to fulfill your goals which are sometimes selling a product or getting specific information.

Things to know before Designing a Landing Page

Before Designing a Landing page, you should ask yourselves the purpose of landing page and desired action which you want your visitors to take after reaching at your landing page. Once you are clear about the purpose of landing page and action which you want to be taken by your visitor then you can move further to design your own Landing Page.

Important Tips For Effective Landing Page

Information: – In order to push your visitor to take desired action you need to provide him with the information which can convince him to take action. Remember the more information you provide, the more you sell. Keep the message straight and clear. Don’t put any useless information on your landing page. For eg: – If you are selling a product, tell them about your term and conditions  and other shipping information clearly or If you want some information about the visitor , convince them that their information would be completely save with you and won’t be used anywhere else without their permission.

Pages Should Load quickly: – Be Sure that your pages should load quickly even on Dial up connections as many users are still using dialup connections. An ideal Landing page should load in less than 8 seconds.

Avoid Flash: – Avoid using Flash To make your landing page more cool. Use of Flash not only stops users with old browser to view your landing page but also it is not search engine friendly and take more time to load.

F-Pattern Principle: – Web Studies reveals that human eyes read a page in F-pattern. So Make Your Landing Page according to F-pattern Principle.

Be Persuasive: – Your Landing page should able to pursue your visitor to take the action. There are very few persons who take action of your own, you need to convince majority else they won’t take any action.

Structure of Landing Page: – Your Landing page should be simple and easy to read. Users don’t like to scroll so entire landing page should fit in the screen. The main message should be at the center. Break big paragraphs in to small paragraphs. Mark your links clearly. Use graphics to make the page more interactive.

Make it Easy: – Try to make everything as easy as possible for your prospect. If you are looking for any information make your input form very simple and don’t ask for any unwanted information. If you are selling any product make the checkout process simple and short, Auto-populate the field wherever possible.

Test, Modify and Test Again: – Each niche has its own audience and one could not determine what an effective landing page would be for any niche so keep your landing page testing, analyze the results, modify your landing page and then test it again until you are satisfied with your landing page.

Gagandeep Singh is a Freelance Writer who writes on Landing Page Optimization, Internet Marketing and Search Engine optimization.