How to improve credit score quickly

If you ever watch the Suze Orman show you already know the importance of checking your Fico score and making sure you maintain a high score which will allow you to get the best interest rates when you apply for a mortgage or when you apply for a car loan. The higher your Fico score the better interest rate you will obtain. This will save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime so it is important to keep your credit score high.

I would recommend anyone trying to improve their credit rating to use they will monitor your credit reports also, so you are less likely to be subsaptable to credit fraud and identity theft.For this small monthly investment it will save you money in the long run.

Ways to increase your credit score quickly.

  • Keep low balances. Always keep your credit card balance at least under fifty percent of the limit. If your limit is $1,000 make sure the balance is under $500. When you have high balances on your credit cards it is showing you are overextended which is a negative thing to the credit bureaus.
  • Pay your bills on time. This one is a simple one if you go past thirty days late this gets reported as a late pay and will lower your score.
  • Increase your limits. The higher your credit limit the more a credit card company has faith in your ability to pay. Sometimes you need to contact your credit card company and ask for an increase but do remember to keep the balance as low as possible.
  • Check your report for errors A lot of times errors will appear on your credit score, these errors will not be fixed unless you write to the credit agency and dispute the error. This happens a lot of times when you have a common name or the same last first name of your parents. This is why it is important to utilize a credit monitoring company to stay on top of errors that may get reported.