How to Promote Your Business with Old School Marketing

Guest Article by Pamela Jones

Nowadays everybody knows that if you have a business, you go online and promote the hell out it.  You submit your website link to website directories, use Google Adsense, load up a video on YouTube, write an e-book that masterfully makes you appear like business expert, and tweet your heart away on Twitter.  You even network with strangers on LinkedIn.  In other words, you get an internet hustle going and you best to have it going full speed if you want to see an excellent ROI.

As we advance more into the amazing world of the internet, let’s step back for a second and remember a simpler way to promote; a moment in our past (for those of us over 35 anyway) to recall when business promotions meant pinning up flyers in the grocery store and on neighborhood phone polls.  Do you remember a small card that had a phone number, address, business name, and a unique design on it called a business card?  I certainly do.

Back in the day, promoting your business meant talking to each other face-to-face.  Today’s technology rarely has us doing that.  We do business through text and emails.

In all its convenience, the internet has taken us far away from the old school promotional ideas.  Therefore, despite us being on the verge of a new year, let’s do ourselves a favor: let’s go old school with our business promotions.

Order some business cards from Kinko’s, Vista Prints, or any business of your choosing and keep them handy to pass out to potential clients.  Some businesses even allow you to leave them on a table or in a jar.  Depending on your business, go creative with a flyer.  Again, Kinko’s can create some great flyers.  Or you can give this job to a freelancer.

Consider promoting your business with an ad in your local newspaper – if your town still has one.  With print being a dying form of media, some towns may no longer have access to a local newspaper.  If you still do, take advantage of it and place an ad to let your town know there’s a new business in town.
Understand me clearly only this: don’t neglect your internet business promotions.  It is, after all, highly effective.  Just enhance your promotions by going offline.

I assure you there’s nothing wrong with these old school promotional ideas.  They’ll work just as good now as they did in the 20th century.  I’m sure you can create several more on your own.  Please do so, for at the end of the day, you’ll gain new clients that you’ll actually meet face-to-face!

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