Hulk Hogan’s son sentenced for reckless driving

Nick Bollea Hulk Hogan’s son has pleaded guilty of reckless driving causing severe injuries to his friend John Graziano.

While racing he hit a curb spinning across two lanes of traffic before the car came to a stop when it landed up against a palm tree. Nick was driving his father’s sports car at the tine of the accident.

His friend was not wearing a seatbelt now needs lifetime care because of a brain injury. Nick did not suffer any injuries.

The judge has sentenced him to 8 months in jail plus five years probation under conditions listed

>500 hours of community service equates to one full day a month for five years

>Drivers license suspended three years, takes him to age 21

>No alcohol while on probation

>Alcohol evaluation within 30 days

>DUI school to be completed within first year