Impi SCENTED for Men (Yellow)

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Product Name: Impi SCENTED for Men (Yellow)

Product Description: Impi is an African (Zulu) word meaning "warrior". This new, innovative product combines traditional secrets of herbal aphrodisia with modern pheromone science.  IMPI Scented for Men breathes new life into Impi Original for Men with the addition of one of three modern fragrances. These fragrances have been perfected through beta testing by our customers. You have spoken, and we have delivered.LaCroy has been in the pheromone industry from the beginning of Love Scent and has brought us a number of our top-sellers, including New Pheromone Additive and the Edge. Impi is by far their most adventurous project and has been years in the making. Love Scent is proud to present Africa's finest scented pheromone product. We know everyone in your life will love it.

Manufacturer LaCroy Chemical
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