Increase your blog traffic with dofollow community

Do you have a new blog or a blog that doesn’t have much interaction? If so,  I would highly suggest you turn your blog into a dofollow blog. I know what you’re thinking: aren’t I going to get tons of spam? The answer to this is simple: no. And that’s because a neat little plugin called askimet that will kill 99% of spam that comes through. Sure there will be some that squeak by but they will be easy to monitor. The great thing about dofollow blogs is that there’s a great community of dofollow bloggers who you can build relationships with and are willing to help you learn more about blogging. I have made several online relationships with dofollow bloggers and consider many of them my friends.

One dofollow blogger who is just a cool individual that tells it like it is John Sullivan from Pot Politics. He also runs a new Do Follow community forum called BloggerLuv.  I highly recommend you join so you can network with other bloggers of the Do Follow community (no pun intended John). Blogger Luv is a social network of Do Follow bloggers with some well respected bloggers like Extreme John who blogs on everything from his Florida Tanning Business to current events and more. Eren Mckay is an inspirational blogger where you can read motivational articles sort of like John Sullivan’s blog but different (ok totally joking …they may be going after a different audience.) Ching Ya is a  great social media blogger and you will learn some excellent strategies on using social media sites.

There are so many more bloggers I want to get to know but there’s only so much time in the day plus I am lazy (just kidding). No but seriously when I find more cool bloggers who I respect I’ll write about them here. please check out Blogger Luv for yourself and tell John I sent you there.

Also if you are or plan on becoming a do follow blog please comment below and I will add you to my dofollow list.