Increasing your website conversion rate

Guest Post by Lawrence Hall

Increasing your website conversion rate

So you have built your blog, e-commerce, or company website but you are not getting the results you expected. Perhaps you want people to call your company, buy a product, or simply click on a banner ad but they are not. This means that you have a low website conversion rate. Using some of the tips below can help you convert your websites traffic into actions to help boost your revenue.

Keep it Simple Simon

Tell the people what you offer and make it easy for them to understand your goals. The more steps that you send a user through the less likely they are to complete the action you want them too. For example if you want someone to fill out a form for future contact, place it on every page, and keep it short by asking the simplest questions that will lead you back to them. Just remember make it obvious and easy to do and results will follow.

Add testimonials from satisfied clients

Many people have encountered scams on the Internet, this makes most users skeptical of what they find here. Adding testimonials from past customers will help establish credibility, and begin breaking down the trust barrier. Much like in offline marketing, word of mouth is your best tool for marketing online too.  Testimonials will show potential customers that other people have benefited from your product and ease them into working with you.

Add value to visitors

While visitors are on your website don’t be afraid to give away a little of what you offer. You have a captive audience for a limited time. Add value to customers by giving them help to guide their decisions in the way of tutorials, or tips in making a selection. By becoming an all encompassing guide on your given product you will be a go to source for potential customers, and really show your knowledge in a field. Remember if you are teaching them things they would like to know they are more likely to come to you as their expert.

Another way to add value on your site is by harnessing email and social media. When someone to registers their e-mail with your site send out informative emails and not just sales letters. Also use social media services such as Twitter and Facebook. These give visitors another way to stay in contact with you and receive current information about what you offer and what your business is currently doing. Properly using social media can turn a cold call into a warm call very quickly.

Can changing my sites design help?

Of course it can. The tips outlined above are based on marketing principles that can be applied across any medium. The following are a few that deal strictly with marketing on the web.

Make a sale above the fold – Your potential customers will have access to many sites that are competing directly with you. Many may not take the time to absorb all of your information so it is best to display what you are selling high up on the page.

Adjust your navigation – Highlight the pages that lead to your main goal on the site. Have links within the text that lead to a purchase page or form. Also don’t forget to place these links in easily recognized places.

Add whitespace – The addition of whitespace will make your pages feel less overwhelming. More white space will help add contrast to different sections on your page. By increasing the contrast on different sections you can literally make the content you want jump off the page and point out the most important actions on your site.

Lawrence Hall, community manager Go-gulf, a Sharjah web design company that provide web design and development solutions in Middle East