Intimate Fragrance Collection for Men (IR Colognes)

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Product Name: Intimate Fragrance Collection for Men (IR Colognes)

Product Description: Economy-priced pheromone colognes for men!If you are just getting started and looking for an inexpensive stand-alone product, you can't beat these colognes. They are all you need to start attracting attention and earning respect. The fragrances are organically-derived natural scents in 4 varieties: Jasmine, Musk, Dark Continent and Cool Scent.Intimate Fragrance Collection for Men come in convenient spray bottles with screw-off caps, making it very easy to incorporate your favorite additive product for your own customized super combo. They won't know what hit them. Try one of these 4 natural fragrances for men today. A great place to start at Love Scent.

Manufacturer Intimate Research
Upc Code: B00030BCUY

Price: $19.95

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