iPad: Getting Down to Business

Yesterday, almost one year from when iPad first hit the shelves of Apple Retail Stores across the U.S., Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs surprised the world by personally appearing at a media event to announce the arrival of iPad 2. Now people are more eager than ever to get their hands on the latest revision of what is arguably the proto post-PC device – not simply because it’s a hub for your digital media, fun to play games on, and convenient for web surfing and email – but also because it is a formidable business machine, thanks to the evolution of Apps aimed at productivity. Here is a list of my favorite Apps for getting down to business on the iPad.

1. ReaddleDocs. Among the first early Apps to make viewing PDF files on iPad easy and practical, ReaddleDocs remains a veritable powerhouse of productivity. The new version of ReaddleDocs adds online storage to its feature set – a definite bonus.
2. Pages. The first complete word processor for iPad, Pages brings the power to create and edit documents that are compatible with Microsoft Word files. Similarly, you can open and edit .doc files with ease and then upload them to MobileMe. You can also email documents to yourself and others for printing at a later time. Pages is the best word processing App for iPad that I’ve found.
3. Analytics HD. Google Analytics for iPad empowers web developers by giving them instant access to reports on the websites they host and track. Viewing charts showing live statistics on visits, page views, and referrals makes this App indispensible for web developers.
4. Penultimate. This provides a digital notebook to make use of featuring paper styles similar to those found in popular paper journals such as Moleskine. Whether you prefer blank, lined, or grid paper, Penultimate paired with a Boxwave capacitive stylus will have you doodling, drawing, and drafting charts and storyboards before you know it.
5. Keynote. If presentation is everything, then this is the App you need. Keynote unlocks the power to create and edit professional presentations on the go. A big plus is that it includes the beautiful transitions available in the Mac OS version of the App.
6. Dropbox. Dropbox lets you store documents, music, and video files remotely—and allows you to stream them directly to your iPad. A free service, Dropbox is preferred by many people not for its price, but for its features that are not available to subscribers of MobileMe – the cloud storage service from Apple that costs $99 per year. (At the time of this article, MobileMe is no longer available from Apple’s Online Store. Perhaps some improvements are coming soon.)
7. Numbers. Numbers brings spreadsheets to the iPad, making it truly convenient for quickly viewing, creating, and editing columns and rows from anywhere. I wouldn’t recommend this for a very complex spreadsheet, since navigating on the iPad can be slightly unwieldy. But for what it is, Numbers is amazing.

Check out the offerings in the App Store for the lastest productivity titles for iPad. Happy searching.
Melonie enjoys writing about gadgets and technology. She writes for directsattv.com