Is John Chow penalized by google?

I recently was going some research and working on some SEO for my site and noticed that John Chow one of the world’s most well know affilate marketers site seems to be penalized by google. John Chow is showing only one index page.

Apparently the speculation for the google penalty is the use of paid links and paid posts which John Chow utilizes. John Chow himself has preached not to put all your eggs in googles basket but no doubt this google penalty has to be hurting him.

So if you purchased a link pointing from hoping to gain value for your seo you at the moment are not gaining anything since his pages are not indexed.

John Chow is a smart affiliate marketer and no doubt will bounce back from this google penalty but it does go to show you that you really need follow googles webmaster guidelines to avoid such penalties as they will even penalize one of the most popular websites out there.

John is now doing a 301 redirect to which is supposedly not selling links and is 100% google compliant but time will tell if this is going to be frown down on by google as well. Maybe John will comment here and let us know what the status is.