Is this grill cheese a fake?

I recently made a stunning accusation that Harrison Painter a fellow tweep had made a less than desirable grill cheese via a video he posted to my friend @VAinparadise.

Looking at the video which you can find here the subject here is my tweet which stirred up this big controversy

@VAinParadise Hey @HarrisonPainter your grilled cheese doesnt look grilled —–>>

Here is Mr Painters response

HarrisonPainter @dannyintampa An accusation that my grilled cheese is a forgery, a fake? That I would somehow dishonor the Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

It is my opinion that this so called sandwich is not a real grilled cheese since it does not appear to be grilled at all. So we turn to the twitter universe to make the call is this a real grill cheese sandwich. Please cast your vote below.

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