Keeping Your Cool On The Course

Trying to enjoy the hottest month of summer, there are those diehard golfers who against their better judgment just can’t give up their daily tee time. All across the U.S. this summer we have seen record-breaking temperatures, which may limit the amount of physical activity you are allowed to exert outside. While heat may not keep a golfer away from his homeland it should make them more cautious. Some of the biggest issue when a player is out in the elements for an average of four hours a round is dehydration and heat stroke.

The best way to battle both of these is to stay hydrated while you are out on the course. This means drink water before you leave, drink water during, and drink water after. A handy trick is if you have an insulated pocket in your golf bag stick a frozen water bottle in there, a great way to cool you down. If you are a purist and can’t play golf without walking the course it’s a good idea to bring a Poweraid or Gatorade to give you back some of those electrolytes you might be loosing while walking the course.

For players who worry about those UV rays they might be getting during their four hours on the course, pack some sunscreen. You don’t even have to pack it just put some on before you head out on the course make sure it’s sweat proof/waterproof though because after four hours in the sun there is going to be some sweat.

The best clothing to wear on the course is to use fabrics that were made for sporting activities like Dri-Fit and Under Armour. These fabrics are designed to wick moisture away because let’s face it no one wants to see those pit stains. Also try and choose colors that don’t attract the sun stay away from those black and dark colors maybe try and Tiger Sunday red option.

Adding an extra towel in your golf bag is also a good idea for both you and your golf clubs. If you generally only carry one golf glove with you it’s probably a good idea to add a backup to your bag. Switching out gloves can help lengthen the longevity of your glove. If not, at the very least let your glove air out in between rounds. If you don’t want to fuss with the glove a specialty golf glove such as the HIRZL line is made for extreme weather conditions. These gloves were designed to help players grip better when they are in excessive heat or rain. My take, they are a pretty handy item to have with you (not such a handy price though).

If four hours to the clubhouse is too long to not eat anything I couldn’t agree more. Pack some snacks the best one’s would be fruit and nuts or a good clif/power bar to boost up that energy level.

Sometimes the only tee time available is at hottest part of the day. Being prepared for the heat is the best way to still enjoy your round of golf. Sorry but you can’t blame you’re score on the heat now.

About the Author: Golf fanatic and blogger that enjoys sharing my newfound golf knowledge with others. I can be found writing about all of this and more at my golf blog Discovering The Game of Golf.