Kimbo Slice takes on Ken Shamrock

The mixed martial arts company Elite XC future is hanging in the hands of one Kimbo Slice, with a loss to Ken Shamrock could put the struggling company out of business. Elite XC has only real draw that being Kimbo slice who burst on the scene after becoming an internet sensation on you tube. People have gone goo goo over slice although most of his fights in back alley brawls are not even close to the quality opponents you will find in the UFC, WEC and other mma venues.

I guess the fact that he was once homeless and has a fierce mean look to him is what contributes to his popularity, I certainly wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley. Ken Shamrock has not won a fight in four years and was once the elite fight in mma in his prime but he is now 44 but I wouldn’t come him out against Kimbo.

My Prediction is Shamrock win via submisssion.