Lingerie Football League 2009/2010

I have recently have been following some of the ladies of the Lingerie Football League on Twitter. I can honestly say I never gave much thought to woman playing football but when you put beautiful woman who are also very athletic and football together now you real grab my attention.

Although I have not watched a game yet I am excited that one of the teams reside here in Tampa called the Tampa Breeze  and will play their games at the ST Pete times forum.

The lingerie football league is a seven on seven full contact football game played by beautiful woman in what else lingerie.

Here are the cities that host lingerie football teams and here is the lingerie league 2009/2010 schedule

  • Chicago Bliss
  • Miami Caliente
  • New York Majesty
  • Philadelphia Passion
  • Tampa Breeze
  • Dallas Desire
  • Denver Dream
  • Los Angeles Temptation
  • San Diego Seduction
  • Seattle Mist

So far my favorite lingerie league player is Carie Small of the Tampa Breeze who will play linebacker you can follow her at @CarieIsSoVery on twitter

Carie Small

Carie Small Tampa Breeze