List of keyword luv blogs

Update: I am sorry to say that I have deleted a bunch of sites that were listed here due to the fact the owners had either removed the keyword luv plugin, switch to no follow, or there blog is no longer active. I updated this list on September 1st 2011 and as of this date are all confirmed dofollow keyword luv enabled blogs. I am still looking for more to add to this list so please contact me if you have one or know of one.

To make things easier I am updating the list here at my favorite bookmarking site Diigo you can bookmark this link as I will continually be updating the list through here. or you can just browse below but the diigo list will be the most updated.

Keyword Luv plugin is another great way to reward your commentators. What it does is basically allow commentators to add keyword rich anchor text pointing to your website.This is great because it makes your blog look less spammy when users put keywords as their name.

For example if I were to add a comment and then add Everything Blogs as my name this doesn’t tell anyone what my name is and looks spammy but with keyword luv it allows you to do this instead  Dan from Everything Blogs which looks a lot nicer and also gives the commentator the anchor text they choose which helps your serp rankings.

Here is a list of keyword luv blogs Updated 8/28/2011

Real Estate related


  1. DoFollow Blog Information
  2. DoFollow Blog Directory CommentLuv
  3. Art of Blogging Comment Luv
  4. Business Reviews,Rants, Current Events CommentLuv
  5. Nothing but Random CommentLuv
  6. Blogging For Money CommentLuv
  7. Internet Marketing Blog Lynn Terry Comment Luv, Twitter Id
  8. Internet Marketing Insights CommentLuv
  9. Grow Your Online Business Website CommentLuv
  10. Good Millwork Architectural Moldings CommentLuv
  11. SEO/MMO Persoanl Niches
  12. Extreme Ezine For Internet Marketers CommentLuv
  13. Blogging Tips & Entertainment Blog CommentLuv
  14. Websites For Accountants
  15. Internet Marketing for Mommies
  16. Small Business Tips  CommentLuv
  17. Link Building Tips
  18. Internet Marketing Insights
  19. No Bogies
  20. Misc Bytes
  21. I do web marketing
  26. Rock & Roll View
  30.  nr
  31. Dr. Kal’s Weight Loss Tips
  32. Blogging for info
  33. BitDoze
  34. Credit Debt Advice
  35. Healthy Diet
  36. Keep up with the Web
  37. WordPress TV  *