List of twitter auto follow users

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I am officially hooked on twitter but that is not the reason for this post but to try and find twitter users that utilize the auto follow on twitter. This is a sure fire way of getting more twitter followers. Since I am fairly late in the twitter game I want to be able to do some catching up and acquire a large amount of followers quickly.

I have yet to find any tools or lists that make it easy to find people who use the auto follow although there is plenty of information on how you can enable the auto follow script.

So I wanted to start this list and hopefully it will grow large enough so it will help other twitter newbies looking to gain a large following quickly. If you know of any other list or tool that will help please let me know.

For those tweeters that use the auto follow and you want to be on the list just comment me your twitter url along with up to four tags of interest.

Although I don’t use auto follow I approve most all my followers unless I think your account is just spam. Social Media, Sports, Blogging, Entertainment Internet, Social Media Social Media

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