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Product Name: LOW-LEVEL Mojo Pro for men

Product Description: IMPORTANT NOTICE: PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING!!!!In order to order returned products, you must be a forum member and have a signed consent on file.***** PLEASE NOTE: This is a “LOW-LEVEL” product. These are products that have been returned by customers, used as samplers, or received from the manufacturer not completely full or with cosmetic defects. Low-level items will be missing some product, and may not be in perfect condition, but they will always be at least half full of our same quality pheromone products you have come to know and love! *****Formulated by our British development team after years of clinical and real world trials, Mojo Pro Pheromones for Men is a powerful boost to your sexual attractiveness. Now Mojo Pro for men is available in the US for the first time. Pheromones are a subtle attractant to assist you in dating and in everyday life.  Act as you normally would and the person you are interested in will begin to warm up to you. To apply Mojo Pro men’s pheromones simply spray around your neck, wrists and pulse points. The delicate designer scent will soften after a few moments and balance with your natural body chemistry, leaving an almost undetectable aroma which contains the pheromone. You can re-apply discreetly as many times as you like using the handy atomizer which is compact and fits snugly into your pocket or carry bag. Mojo Pro for Men pheromones comes in a 3ml pocket atomizer which doubles as a key chain.

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