Madoff white collar criminal

Bernard Madoff the disgraced white collar criminal is the worst of the worse and it really pisses me off that he is able to post bail and be under house arrest in his plosh luxury condo in which he lives at the expense of all his victims. This is absurd how the rich have a certain set of rules apply to them where if is what the average American who was arrested for stealing a car or burglary would more than likely spend more jail time than Bernie Madoff and all these white collar criminals who bilk people out of millions of dollars get a slap on the wrists.

I hope Bernie you are enjoying you last day’s living your luxury lifestyle and because your prison life is not going to be so comfortable, I know you are innocent until proven guilty but I can’t wait for the day a jury reads guilty and you are put away for a long time and wipe that cocky grin off your face.