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Product Name: Master Mini

Product Description: Master Mini in a small version of the 10 ml rolltop bottle.Master Functional Pheromone formula for men is a pheromone cologne with both a great new fragrance and a unique pheromone profile. Master is a well-respected brand because of the time and research they devote to the scientific understanding pheromones have on the human body. Current research shows human pheromones have a strong physiological effect on the sensory portions of the human brain. Master engineers their Functional Pheromones for men so it immediately elevates mood, arousal, confidence and attitude. This unique pheromone profile makes men feel better about themselves which will make women more attracted to them. Apply the recommended amount of Master Pheromone cologne and you will instantly have a competitive edge over any male at the office, coffee shop or nightclub. Love Scent is a leading pheromones store, carrying a wide selection of Master Pheromones for men. Check out more about Master Functional Pheromone cologne and become a sensory sex-magnet to the women around you. Here are the specific ingredients in the Master Functional Pheromone. We provide the formula created by researcher Dr. Pugliese because we want you to be convinced the product will produce the desired effects.  Copulins Vomeropherin Estratetraniol TRP2 (Axillary Secretions) V1R/V2R (Vaginal Alipathic Acids) Here is what the manufacturer has to say about Master Functional Pheromones for Men: "Master Functional Pheromone was formulated to cut into the mans strong external defenses to prevent his carnal feelings from rising so easily to the surface. With top notes of Vanilla and Sandalwood, The Master human derived pheromones will quickly enter his sensory barrier and almost immediately elevate his mood, enhance his arousal, confidence and attitude. What is sexually attractive about a man after all? It is his confidence, posture and demeanor and this is what attracts the female of our species! Let Master take you the next step when considering a romantic relationship with someone new or someone you care deeply about. Let Master Functional Pheromones give you that edge to create the perfect moment to attract a woman and transport you to a time when courtship, romance and sexual tension were only the beginning in a long and sensual dance until your partner will let you take her to her fantasy!"    

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