Mlb Playoff Matchups

Here are the American and National League Division Series Matchups

  • Boston Red Sox VS Los Angeles Angels
  • Chicago White Sox VS Tampa Rays
  • Milwaukee Brewers VS Philadelephia Phillies
  • Los Angeles Dodgers Vs Chicago Cubs

When it comes to playoff baseball good pitching usually beats good hitting, I am excited about this years postseason as I think there are a lot of great matchups and potentially historic instant classic games. The Rays enter their first postseason in team history and the Red Sox try and defend their World Series title. The Milwaukee Brewers are back in the playoffs after being denied for many years. Manny Ramirez is back in the playoffs this time wearing Dodger blue.

The White Sox try and win the second World Series in four years. The Los Angeles Angels have one of the strongest all around lineups in my opinion and are the team to beat but the Red Sox have the experience and swagger of being the champs.There are two Chicago and two California teams. The Cubs will attempt their World Series drought and put the Bartman saga and the billy goat behind them.

Here are my predictions if anyone gives a shit. If you just can’t miss watching the playoff action live and can’t get a ticket I recommend Stub Hub to find baseball playoff tickets for any series any team and any venue.

Red Sox beat Angels in five
Rays beat White Sox in four
Phillies beat Brewers in four
Cubs beat Dodgers in three