New Intimate Fragrance Men 1/2 Ounce Bottles

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Product Name: New Intimate Fragrance Men 1/2 Ounce Bottles

Product Description: Intimate Fragrance Collection (for men)Product Description:The intimate fragrance collection is comprised of two different scents: Musk and Cool Scent. These colognes contain androstenol and have a very simple formulation, making them a great entry-level product. If you’re not sure about using pheromones and want to go for something mild, these will serve you well.Cool Scent posses a woody scent profile, with hints of cedarwood and sage which combine with mild notes of bergamot and rosewood. Reminiscent of trees and nature, this fragrance is simple and rugged.Warm and sensual yet simple, Wildcat smells primarily of musk but does have mild hints of vetiver bourbon; making this cologne captivating and minimalistic.

Manufacturer Intimate Research
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