NFL Picks 2011 Week 4

Ok here is week 4 NFL season matchups. Everyone is invited to participate for fun just make your picks below and submit. You can also let us know who is going to win Superbowl 46.

Week three had one sole winner Dawn @Vainparadise who doesn’t even need tonight’s game as she picked twelve winners and nobody else has more than 10

Sorry you missed the deadline for this weeks picks but you can play pick Week 5 NFL picks coming soon

Here is everyone’s picks for week 4 Week-4-NFL-2011


Lions @ Cowboys
Steelers @ Texans
49ers @ Eagles
Vikings @ Chiefs
Redskins @ Rams
Bills @ Bengals
Titans @ Browns
Saints @ Jaguars
Panthers @ Bears
Falcons @ Seahwaks
Giants @ Cardinals
Broncos @ Packers
Patriots @ Raiders
Dolphins @ Chargers
Jets @ Ravens
Colts @ Bucaneers