NFL Week 3 Picks

Ok had our first NFL picks of the week contest which I started in week 2 of the NFL season, I started it late in the week so didn’t have many players but hopefully will get a lot more participants for NFL week 3 picks.

Not bad enough that my Patriots got spanked by the Jets one of the co winners of week 2 picks Extreme John is a Jets fan talking about adding insult to injury. Ok John you have bragging rights until we play the Jets again later in the season.

The other winner was Alex a gentleman from Bulgaria who knows nothing about American football. So you see you don’t even have to be a NFL expert to win some free advertising.

Check out Alex’s site at Jocuri or follow him on Twitter @alexanderthegry. Congrats guys good job and try and repeat your performance for week 3 of the NFL season.

So here is the deal just submit your picks below and if you have the most winners picked you will win one week of free advertising.