Not another how to make money blog

I would like our new President Elect Barack Obama’s first priority to sign in a bill to put a moratorium on how to make money blogging. This really needs to stop, if I run into one more so called expect on how to make money on the internet I am going to throw my laptop out the window. Please if you made your first adsense check from google be proud but don’t proclaim yourself an expert. Yes you made money but did you really? How many hours, blog posts, checking your adsense clicks have you put in.

That first hundred dollars you make in adsense is equivalent to sweat shop labor in third world countries. Shoot it may have even covered your cost to host your website but you are still no expert. I think the 80/20 rule probably applies to most make money by blogging websites.

Luckily I make my living in real estate and although I also write real estate blogs that help in selling real estate I thought making a general blog would be easy to monetize but I know longer care about making money and figured out that is the wrong reason to be blogging.

I’ve been through so many blogs on the subject of how to make money I find these blogs are not the ones I am interested in and realize it is not about making money. To me any money I make is gravy, it certainly will not support me but blogging has become something I enjoy and meeting fellow bloggers through my blog and social networks has been fun.

How about you do you blog for fun or profit?