Online Shopping Tool- Free Price Alerts

I am by no means what you call a shopaholic but I will occasionally purchase products online whether it’s for my real estate business or just personal items. I love to save money and I am one of those people who will not pay for an item I know I can get somewhere for cheaper just out of principle unless of course it is something I need immediately.

So when I came across I was intrigued. FreePriceAlerts will help you find the lowest price of an item you are looking to purchase online and will compare prices to several online shopping sites. I was able to save about $20 on printer toner that I previously purchased in the past. They have a browser tool you can install on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox that runs in the background and when you are browsing products on sites such as, Ebay, etc a small popup will appear informing you where you can purchase that particular item for less money. If you want to pay less for an item then you can set a price alert to email you automatically when that product goes on sale.

What I like most about Free Price Alerts is knowing for sure I am getting the best possible deal.

So I know many of you do a lot of shopping online I highly recommended you check out free price alerts so you can start saving money but hey don’t forget me when you count all your savings at the end of the year.

Check out this video to see how it works in action