Pack Up and Take The Dorms By Storm

Your prom dress hangs lovely in your bedroom closet. You glance at it and a smile comes to your face as you remember how much you danced in it prom night. Your cap, gown and tassel are now your high school trophies. It’s time to face the real world and move to college. If you’ve got your mind set that you’ll be heading out to the dorms or moving into an apartment off campus, make sure you bring along everything that you need  to avoid feeling homesick. Before you start imagining yourself  running around completely out of control during those crazy college nights drinking and having an awesome time with your roommates, lets check off all the do’s and don’ts. What has to stay and what you have to take. The first thing you should know is your college dorm’s guidelines. You don’t want to get banned from college life so don’t take anything you know you’re not supposed to. Obviously your dorm should have a bed so that’s not needed but what about closet space or extra drawers or a desk?  If you know you’re going to need to take some furniture you’ll probably have to hire help like movers in seattle to get your furnishings there safely. Call your RA (resident assistant) just to make sure you can take certain items before you actually contract and pay a seattle moving service.

So you won’t be sharing your room with your sister anymore but your new roommate may turn out to be just as trustworthy and fun. It’s not likely you’ll meet before so you’ll have to get acquainted the same day you move in. Certain things can be discussed as far as sharing the T.V, DVD, or other electrical appliances.You may also want to discuss  that study nights are not party nights.  The best thing to do to get along from the start, is setting rules and abiding by them. You don’t want to have to live with a grumpy person or mistrust them when you “can’t find something”. You’ll be sharing this space with your roommate all semester so it’s better to get off on the right foot. OK so lets start filling up those boxes with important things like your computer and headphones in case your roomy’s the love silence type, your cell phone,toiletries,towels, sheets, bed covers, sandals to shower in because remember you’ll be sharing a bathroom and we have to be as safe and as clean as possible. Personal documents like your social security card, bank account info in case of an emergency and you need an ATM machine. What if the financial aid department needs help? You’ll need these documents to fill out the job application. Bring a coffee machine. What are you going to do if it’s 3am and your cramming and craving for a latte but the cafeteria closed at 12? A little brewing in your room won’t harm anyone. You may also consider then bringing a small fridge in case you get the same desire but for something refreshing and cool  to boost your thoughts when your analyzing Chemistry 101. Laundry, can’t state enough how important it’ll be to have clean clothes so take along some detergent, coins for the washing machine and a basket.

Well we’ve pretty much covered some important take alongs but remember to call in first and go over your dorm’s guidelines just to make sure you don’t end up having to send back half the stuff you brought along. College, just like high school, is one of the most important stepping stones in life. Yeah there’s a lot of rules and regulations and yes and no’s but these standard procedures are what’ll turn you into an incredible adult. Enjoy your dorm and college  life and after graduation hang your cap, gown and tassel as they too will become your newest trophies.