Palin’s Daughter Enough is Enough

Ok I am so sick and tired of the media making the news and dramatizing everything. The media is suppose to report the news not dramatize it. They really have gone overboard with the new vice president candidate and her pregnant teenage daughter. So what does every politician have to have a squeaky clean life and his or her entire family have the same. Nobody in this world is perfect especially politicians but this is what we expect? I do not believe Governor Palin is qualified or is the best candidate for John Mccain but the reason I wouldn’t vote for them wouldn’t be because of her teenage daughter being pregnant.

Barrack Obama wouldn’t even throw mud regarding the the issue and in a day and age of ruthless mudsling against your political opponent this was off limits for the presedential hopeful. I wish the media would do the same and concern themselves with reporting the real matters that affect this great country of ours.