Part 2 of Marketing Your Site on Yahoo Answers

This is the continuation of marketing your site on Yahoo Answers. In the previous article I introduced the concept of marketing on Yahoo Answers and why it’s a great place for your website (or blog) to gain visibility. Yahoo Answers has a lot of users: a total of 90 million worldwide making it a great place to market.

Different people have had different results.

Some people have found traffic peaks after networking there while others give up on it because they don’t see a lot of visitors as a result of their efforts. Marketing there is all about providing great information to those asking the questions and connecting with others. If you keep on networking, you will start to see your referral traffic grow.

Understand the overall picture.

Even if you don’t get a lot of direct traffic from Yahoo Answers, you will get known and therefore consequent natural links will come your way from the time you spent there. So don’t give up based on stats.
Investing your time on a targeted category that is related to your site will definitely make a difference in traffic. If your site is about cars and you’re answering questions about dating, this won’t help you much. Making friends there will help you, so make sure to engage with other users. If you vote for other people’s answers, they will eventually start to vote for you too. You can also star answers. The more you network, the more people you will reach.

You need to find open questions.

If a question is closed for answers, you won’t be able to answer it. To find out whether a question is closed or not you will have to look at the question. If there is an Answer Question button, that means it’s still open for answers. Here’s a screenshot example of an open question:

yahoo answers tutorial 1

But the best thing is to find questions that are related to the topic of your site. So how do you go about finding open questions in your niche to answer? First you need to login to your Yahoo account. Then go to the main page of Yahoo Answers and type in the keyword phrase related to your niche. In my case it was baby shower. As you can see in the screenshot below, next to the Search Y! Answers button there is an Advanced Search link. Click on that.

yahoo answers tutorial 2

A new window will open up, looking like this:

yahoo answers tutorial 3

Now all you have to do is scroll down to where it says Question Status and choose the Open Questions option in the menu, then click Submit.

yahoo answers tutorial 4

A series of open questions will open up for you that are related to your niche. (Even though many of you may know the following information, I will put in here for those of you who don’t.) In order to not lose the page where all of these questions are, simply open up each question in a new tab. To do this right click the link and select Open link in New Tab. That way when you are done answering one question you can go back to your main page and find another question to answer. Here’s a screenshot of doing this:

yahoo answers tutorial 5

Eren MckaySo that’s it! Hope you enjoyed and happy marketing on Yahoo answers 😉

Eren Mckay is a work at home mom who has a family website with ladybug baby shower ideas, backyardigans party supplies and finding nemo birthday resources.