People complain about Facebook

Ok I can’t take it anymore. Here is a little rant I need to get off my chest. I am tired of hearing people complaining about Facebook policies. What get’s me is that the people complaining about the policies are the same people who start and join these Facebook groups like Hell no I won’t pay for Facebook.

Do we really expect Facebook not to be able to make money just so they can accommodate every one it’s users? It is ridiculous. Facebook has over 400 million users because they have a great product and are able to offer free to it’s users. But like my mama always told me, nothing in this world is free, so in exchange for not charging a membership fee Facebook needs alternative ways to make money.

I utilized Facebook and Twitter and social media platforms for my real estate business and have received business from these platforms, Is Facebook asking me in return for anything? Now I know not everyone uses Facebook for networking or business. If you don’t like it nobody has a gun to your head to sign-up to Facebook. I will gladly let Facebook have any information about me that I am willingly providing them. What is the big deal?

So until enough members stop using Facebook because of it’s privacy policies, They will continue to collect and sell your information. So your options are bitch about it, pay for it, quit it, or embrace it. By the way Google has been collecting your data long before Facebook was around.

So talk to me. What are your thoughts on Facebook’s ever changing privacy policy?