Peoples Host Web Host Review

One of the most often asked questions when starting a new blog is what web hosting should I use. Most people will go with the cheapest hosting they can find. I know many people who will automatically choice godaddy when selecting a web host.Although Godaddy can be a solid choice for an affordable web host for just a basic website it may not be a the best choice for more intricate sites. In my experience with Godaddy things can run smoothly for a long time then all of a sudden have issues with downtime and other problems. Customer service can be a hit or miss depending on who you speak with and can be a frustrating situation. After using Godaddy for many years I finally made the switch to Peoples Host.

I can tell you for the past year I have not had any issues with Peoples Host, their customer service is fantastic and the transfer of my files from Godaddy was flawless. I was always hesitating on switching web hosts because in the past had issues with the transfer but Peoples Host was fantastic and my site has had zero downtime during the past year.

Peoples Host is only slightly more money than Godaddy and Bluehost but for anyone who has issues with an inferior web host knows the few extra bucks to pay is more than worth it. You will save more time and money in the long run.

You have bigger things to worry about other than spending time on the phone with a bad web host. After having used all the popular well know affordable web hosting services in the past ten years I highly recommend Peoples Host.