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Product Name: Perception Pheromone Gel Packs

Product Description: Perception Human Pheromone Attractant is a special pheromone product only available in gel packet form which utilizes a unique water-based formula that allows its effects to last over an extended, 18-24 hour period of time. The Perception formula incorporates .08 milligrams of pheromone content, including: androstenol, androsterone, and androstenone in a 2:1:1 ratio. This is a powerful blend of pheromones that can help you attract others and feel more comfortable in social situations.Perception is unscented, and intended to be used with your favorite fragrance. It can even be combined with any of our scented pheromones for maximum effect. For best results, first apply the fragrance or pheromone fragrance, then apply half a packet of Perception on top of it.Each 1ml packet of Perception includes enough pheromones for 2 uses, so a set of Perception packets should last you a while. Perception is available in bundles of 7 or 18, and one packet of Perception is included in our sampler packs and beginner specials for men and women.

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