Please not another seo expert

Not another freaking seo expert site. Ok I am no seo expert by any means I will tell you upfront. Although I optimize and design my real estate websites and rank well in organic searches I still will not proclaim myself to be an expert. I recently have been browsing through some sites on mybloglog and it is so freaking amazing on how many so called seo experts are out there. I see the same old tricks and seo methods and it just feels like each site is copying off each others site and is just the same old recycled information. One thing I will tell you is that if anyone thinks seo optimization is easy or can be done quickly is in for a rude awakening. Seo takes time as the search engines give weight to sites that have been already established and have authority regarding the information within your site.

I am sure we all have received emails form companies claiming to be seo experts and how they can make you number one on google. Makes me laugh when anyone talks about being number one on search engines, what does that mean exactly? how many search engine keyword phrase are out there? Ok Mr. seo expert make me number one for  the keyword “blogs”, I don’t think that is going to happen. Sure you probably can make me number one for blogs about everything or a longtail keyword like blogs about useless seo experts.

To me if you want to pay for an seo expert it is simple type in google search engine optimization and pick from the top ten on the first page. Odds are these sites know a thing or two about seo, the proof is in the pudding.