Presidential debate a real yawner

I don’t know about you but I almost fell asleep during last night’s presidential debate. Everyone today is analyzing who won and who lost, I don’t think either one can proclaim they won. Mccain needed to win to gain ground in the polls in my opinion. Obama didn’t make his case about the change he is going to bring about but he really didn’t have to since he is ahead in the polls. Obama did seem to agree with John Mccain more than several times and the debate never really got heated.

I am starting to think Mccain choose of Vice President is starting to backfire and he is now keeping Sarah Palin locked up in a closet. I feel bad for Joe Biden nobody is even paying attention to him, I guess because he is not as sexy as Sarah.I would have to say this debate was more like a draw, I liken it to two boxers coming out and feeling each other out and not ready to throw the knockout blow so early.