Primal Instinct Unscented for Men

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Product Name: Primal Instinct Unscented for Men

Product Description: Primal Instinct is one of the oldest and most established pheromone product brands. Their products employ a heavily androsteNONE based formula that has been known to provide amazing effects for users, but has higher than normal risk of overdosing. Primal Instinct Unscented for Men can help users find their inner sexual dominance and attract women on a primal level. Some users have reported that using too much Primal Instinct for Men has resulted in increased aggression from other men. To be sure, the power of Primal Instinct can not be understated, and users should use caution when figuring out the proper dosage for themselves. We recommend starting with one small drop on first use.Remember to use Primal Instinct Unscented for Men in combination with a cologne, fragrance, or scented pheromone, as even unscented pheromones give off a deep, musky scent that usually should be covered.Each 10 ml bottle of Primal Instinct Unscented for Men includes 5 mg of androsteNONE.If you're interested in the effects of Primal Instinct for Men but are worried about the risks, try our in-house take on the Primal Instinct formula, Alpha-7 Pheromones. The Alpha-7 formula is very similar to Primal Instinct, but includes 40% more pheromone content as well as additional pheromones that help balance the negative effects of androsteNONE.

Manufacturer Primal Instinct
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