You’re not alone; the whole world’s feeling a bit uncivili lately.

This holiday, rather than opt for an attitude adjustment, you’ve decided to go all in. Why not? We want you to know that we support your decision and we’re here to help you blow off some steam in a stylish way. Add this Adult Deluxe Cruel Madame Wig to a simple black satin dress topped in a faux-fur cloak for an evil look that is bound to show the world Yeah! I’m feelin’ a little mean, and I’m owning it!

Your friends are bound to surround you like a litter of pleading puppies as the ogle your look and yelp with envy over your bad-girl style. Worried about getting carried away with your cruel persona? Just make sure that you shed your snarky skin when you take off this brazen, black-and-white wig at the end of the night!

Adult Deluxe Cruel Madame Wig


Got Dalmations? There’s someone who wants to talk to you! Be the classic villain with this Adult Deluxe Cruel Madame Wig!