After a long productive day of mining, is there anything better than coming home to your meticulously designed house, and just kicking back and crafting some dinner and planning what to build next…. wait a second, do you hear hissing?? Oh no, Creeper! KABOOOM!

Well, rebuilding half of your house after a pesky creeper blew it up probably isn’t the first thing you wanted to be doing, but at least now you can rebuild it even better than before (and hopefully tougher against exploding mobs). Before you know it, your in-game palace will be back to its former glory, and no amount of creepers will be able to crash your party ever again-hissssssssss-BOOOOOM!!

Yikes, two creepers, back to back? Maybe you should just pack up and find another spot to build. And we’d also recommend suiting up in this official Minecraft Creeper Hoodie, which will help keep you warm as you’re building a new shelter. It features the same mottled green pattern as the pesky pixelated creatures, and if you stumble upon any danger while you’re out in the real world, you can zip the hood all the way up to make yourself look like a creeper, too. Just be sure to make that hissing sound, and any other players will be long gone!


Adult Minecraft Creeper Hoodie


Comfortably sit back and build with this Adult Minecraft Creeper Hoodie. This sweatshirt makes an easy Halloween costume, and is perfect for any video game lover.