When the world typically gives us powerful heroes, brave men who are willing to step in front of horrible danger and risk their own skin in order to save us, we all applaud and offer great gratitude, respect, and a bit of wanting jealousy towards these amazing princes and kings… these proverbial He-Men. But, we also long a bit for the heroine who is too often shoved to the side and forgotten in the eager tale-telling of the more testosterone-filled anxieties of the populous. However, the female crusaders who fight off just as much evil (and even usually tend to stick around to ensure that the world is fixed afterwards too) deserve their time in the gleaming sun, too!

So, when the literal He-Man was taking the boys by storm, we were all blessed to see the appearance of Princess Adora, the twin sister and eventual Protector of Eternia’s sister planet, Etheria. Taking up the Sword of Protection over her head and dedicating herself to protecting Castle Grayskull and leading the rebellion against the Horde of Evil, Adora becomes She-Ra and gains all the powers of He-Man—plus a few additional ones! Not to mention having the best animal companion that anyone could hope for, a winged unicorn!

And, Earth needs some salvation from time to time, too! Take up the oath yourself and claim your rightful place among the world of heroes with this Adult She-Ra costume. The white dress has a constructed bust line and a shimmering metallic cloth cape. The iconic design of the 1980s is in full force with bodice appliqués and gold metallic boot covers and cuffs finish off your armor. Acquire your Sword of Protection and a brilliant blonde wig to complete the look entirely and drive back the wicked horde while saving our world!

Adult She Ra Costume


Complete your Masters of the Universe group costume with this Masters of the Universe She-Ra Costume. It’s a perfect mate to one of our He-Man costumes!