Riders who prefer loads of extra stability as well as sporty paddlers interested in doing more than stand up paddling with their board.

Balance is a breeze with Voyage’s maximal enhanced stability. We’ve designed Voyage with an extra wide 38” deck to give you the most stable platform possible. You’ll appreciate the extra space for yoga, ocean paddling, fishing, running rapids or anything else that may throw you off kilter.

We’ve combined a unique tri-chamber inflation system along with loads of extra deck space to give you the most stable board around. Voyage tracks well for efficient paddle sessions & doubles as an excellent base for all the non-paddling activities you may get into on the water.

Voyage is ready to go from doorstep to water on day 1 with everything you need in the box. Explore all that stand up paddling has to offer on a truly versatile board you won’t outgrow that doesn’t limit itself to paddling.



Bluefin SUP

Sports/Outdoors  Surfing


Bluefin SUP 10’10” Voyage Stand Up Paddle Board Kit