Your kiddo may not be a genius when it comes to robotics but that doesn’t mean he can’t be just like his new favorite hero. With this Hiro Deluxe Costume for boys, your little one can transform into Baymax’s trusty pilot! Before you know it, you’re tyke will be saving people left and right.

When your kiddo throws on this robotic suit of armor, he’ll feel ready to fly through the air on the back of a battle-ready Baymax. He’ll be taking down masked villains and saving cities from complete destruction in no time. If he stays humble and pure of heart your knee-high hero may even be asked to join the Big Hero 6 team. So you’ll want to make sure he works well with others because teamwork is always the key to taking down the baddest of the bad guys! Now, as awesome and purple as this costume is, your kiddo will be wise to keep in mind that Hiro didn’t just win against his adversaries with his phenomenal technology. It was also his smarts and his ability to assess any situation that helped him triumph in the end. So encourage your kiddo to study up and gain as much knowledge as his little head can hold, because he may need it to save the day in the near future.

Grab your kiddo this Hiro Deluxe Costume and his adventure will be ready to unfold! It might even inspire him to start learning about robotics and create an invention that helps to better the world for everyone.

Boys Hiro Deluxe Costume


This Boys Hiro Deluxe Costume lets any kid become the genius robotics expert from Big Hero 6! He can pal around with Baymax and save the day.