Who’s the coolest inflatable crime fighting robot in San Fransokyo?? Well… that’s pretty specific, and Baymax is really the only one bot that meets that criteria, but he’d still be the coolest, anyway! Your little one can dress up just like his favorite robotic action hero in this official Red Baymax Deluxe Costume, from the hit Disney animated feature Big Hero 6!

Baymax may have started off with humble beginnings, first coming online as an experimental inflatable health care robot. Though, once his buddy Hiro started modifying his programming, the big squishy lug of a robot quickly became a rough, tough fighting machine! But, like we said, he was squishy and full of air, which are definitely not characteristics you look for in battle bot, so Hiro and his fellow super-friends built a high tech armor suit to make Baymax unstoppable when flying into a fight! Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that the suit also lets him fly! Pretty awesome, if you ask us, even if he doesn’t quite know how to do a fist bump yet…

You know your little one is going to have a blast zooming around like Baymax in this cool looking costume! The soft wings and chest piece attach to the jumpsuit, and the plastic mask gives them the look of a real crime fighting bot! Be sure to add the matching Red Baymax Gloves to complete this look. They’ll have even more fun zipping around and trick-or-treating with their friends in our other great Big Hero 6 costumes!

Boys Red Baymax Deluxe Costume


Don’t tread on Baymax. He’ll defeat your evil plans!!! Suit up your child in this Boys Red Baymax Deluxe Costume!