Some kids can end up a senior in college before they know what they want to do with their lives. Until then, they spend time doing who-knows-what with who-knows-who at who-knows-where, bouncing from job to job and major to major like an indecisive kangaroo.

Then there’s your little one, who’s ready and willing to stitch up the wounds of indecisive kangaroos, filling them full of stuffing before letting them back into the wild, hopefully to harness their passion and act on it like lil’ Doc McStuffins here. World-renowned caregiver and stuffed animal doctor Doc McStuffins (and, by extension, your little girl) know where the real work needs to be done and heeded the call to action, and we commend her duty to service and your strong, favorable guidance. She may even be a prodigy; we hear she once stitched up a seam-burst lamb back under extreme pressure, with time to spare before dinner! What a resume she must have!

Word on the street is that she’s been doing all this great work without the proper gear! Our Deluxe Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Costume is going to officially bring your little one into the prestigious field of stuffed animal care and well-being. They can stitch them up, help with their problems, and otherwise make them well again—so everyone can enjoy them for many years to come. It’s officially licensed and comes with a plastic toy stethoscope, so no one will be able to question the authority of your household’s Doc when it comes to matters of the ripped plush toys.

Deluxe Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Costume


She can become her favorite Disney character for dress up or Halloween with this Deluxe Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Costume.