What is a parent to do when, despite every possible effort, it is simply impossible to Let it Go? In a post-Frozen world, we all know the song. We might even know both of the songs. We might even realize if watching from start to finish that Let It Go and Do You Want to Build a Snowman only account for about eight minutes of a nearly two hour movie. Yet, quickly, the twirling music will harken back to images of a beautiful lass conjuring an azure gown and matching crystal palace.

So, when a parent is unable to defeat the unrelenting force of icy, musical magic, one must do exactly as the old tropes say. When you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Instead of trying hard to let go of the compelling sorcery of Elsa and the still-trending Frozen hordes, you can embrace the mystical madness and show the world what happens when frosty family meets hopeful hearts.

This year, show your own tyke what it is really like to be the queen of snow with this Elsa Deluxe Frozen costume. The lovely blue gown is made primarily of polyester and spandex with an interlock knit bodice that fastens easily with Velcro in the back. The skirt is of turquoise satin with a glittering organza overlay with snowflakes and swirls that perfectly captivate the supernatural summons of the sorceress, especially when combined with the white knit mesh sleeves that look like she’s in mid-conjuration. Who needs to try to let go of Let it Go when it’s your darling who is singing the solo!?

Elsa Deluxe Frozen Costume


The power to create an eternal winter lies inside of you! Transform into the newest Disney Princess in this Elsa Deluxe Frozen Costume. You’ll look beautiful while you’re in self-imposed exile!