Every little girl wants to be queen of their own realm. We’re sure seeing their beloved sister become Queen is also pretty cool, and now your little one can look just like Princess Anna in this officially licensed Frozen Deluxe Anna Coronation Gown!

Getting to see a new queen get her crown must be a pretty incredible sight. It’s got to be even more amazing when the new monarch is your own sister, like when Anna went to Elsa’s coronation. But, even if your little girl has to stay a princess for a bit longer, she still gets to dress up and have fun at the party. Everyone else is wearing their absolute finest outfits, all of their shoes are polished up, and everyone’s hair is nicely done. The best food and decorations are set out, and at the end of the ceremony, there is a huge celebration!

Your little girl will have a fantastic time at any party in this majestic costume gown, whether she’s heading to a royal coronation, or maybe something a little more low-key. The designs printed on the gown and bodice look just like those on Princess Anna’s dress, so they are perfect for a Princess of Arendelle. It also comes with all of the petticoats and lacy sleeves they will need to look magnificent, even if she is simply playing dress-up. Your princess will get her shot at being queen one day, but for now, she can have a royally fun time in this lovely costume!

Girls Frozen Deluxe Anna Coronation Gown


In this Girls Frozen Deluxe Anna Coronation Gown, your little princess can attend the coronation of Elsa! Check out all of our licensed Frozen costumes for children and adults.