All McKenzie wanted to do was to follow the promise she made to her mother and go off to college.

Then, while she was surfing, a giant wave swept her and her boyfriend, Brady, into the plot of Brady’s favorite movie: Wet Side Story. The story is a musical and before McKenzie knows it, Brady is singing and dancing along, and the two manage to mess up the movie’s plot entirely. Did we mention it’s about a gang of bikers and surfers fighting over a Big Mamma’s diner? That it’s totally 50s? Because it is. McKenzie (also known as Mack), wants out pronto, but there doesn’t seem like a good way out of the movie unless her and Brady fix the plot problems.

So Mack, a hard-core surfer girl, finds herself running with the bike gang, trying to deal with the Wet Side star (who is falling for her), and trying to resist the urge to burst into song. Talk about busy. At some point she finds herself dressed in this Teen Beach McKenzie Classic Costume. It’s got a crop jacket over a red bandanna halter top, and pants to match. It might not be exactly what Mack likes, but we have it on a reliable source that it’s what the girls who know what the boys like recommend.

Girls Teen Beach McKenzie Classic Costume


She’s ready to boogie! This Girls Teen Beach McKenzie Classic Costume is fun for teens to wear.