Everything about this Olaf hoodie breaks expectations, which is not unlike the character it’s so lovingly crafted to resemble! First, you’d think a snowman wouldn’t have to worry about getting warm at all because he’s made of snow, but that’s exactly what this hoodie does: warms you right up! Second, you’d think that the best time of year to wear this hoodie would be winter, you know, because it’s cold outside, but Olaf actually loves summer and is kind of obsessed with the idea of rolling around on a scorching hot beach despite what might happen. So, summer or winter, it doesn’t really matter. Contradictions galore… but they don’t take away from the Frozen glee this thing will instill in any young fan of the Disney film. Upon receiving it, they’ll probably run up to you immediately and give you one of those patented “warm hugs” Olaf is famous for.

Kids Frozen I am Olaf Costume Hoodie


Eternal winter? Sounds like you need this Kids Frozen I am Olaf Hoodie, because nothing would fare better than a snowman! Of course, he also loved summer, and it’s good for that too.