If there’s one thing that rocked louder than that 80s music, it was that crazy, wild hair all the bands had been growing out since before their careers started. Yes, it’s true, those long, flowing, golden locks of teenage heartthrob is the best wardrobe choice to jam right along with their music. And let’s be real for a second, head banging is just not worth it when you’re bald. It’s actually pretty sad to watch. “But what if,” you ask “what if I can’t have that kind of hair, because I work at a stuffy bank where the boss man says, ‘no way’?”

Well we would originally tell you “Listen to the music, and stick it to the man!” But since we’re just like you and feel like keeping our jobs, we’d like to give you a much safer, yet still sick alternative. For your next concert be sure to slap on this sweet Blonde Rocker wig, and get ready to be pulled on stage for a killer air guitar solo. As soon as it’s back to the office you can just remove it like nothing happened, but in times of need, you can keep it in your desk drawer to pull when the warden isn’t looking.

Men’s Blonde 80’s Rocker Wig


You can finally be the rocker you’ve always dreamed of with this wig. A hair metal rocker that is! Show off your retro style with this Men’s Blonde 80’s Rocker Wig!