The geeks shall inherit the Earth.

-Rainier Wolfcastle

We have to confess, high school was pretty hard for us. The coach expected a lot from us, seeing as how we were captain of the football team and all. We dated most of the girls in our class, which really ate into our band practice time. And the sports car our dad bought us for our 16th birthday broke down a lot, so we had to spend all the money we earned at our summer job as a lifeguard fixing it. Thankfully we had perfect looks, grades, and popularity to make up for it.

How we envied the nerds, though! They always ate lunch alone, so they never had to make small talk. They got to do awesome stuff like playing Dungeons and Dragons and coding programs for the Commodore 64. And even though we have perfect teeth, we always wished we could have experienced having braces. You know, the kind that actually stick out of your mouth and strap around the back of your head? So cool!

Sadly, we’ll never know what being a nerd feels like. But at least we can look like one thanks to our Nerd Costume! The obnoxious pattern on the pants always keeps the ladies far away, and the glasses help to distract from our beautiful, crystal blue eyes. Live out your nerd fantasies today!

Mens Nerd Costume


Nerd alert! There’s a dweeb walking down the hallway! This Mens Nerd Costume will turn you into the most popular dork around!