Some mice are born to be the cutesy little partner of another proprietary cartoon mouse. But other mice have way too much sass to waste their time with a goody two-shoes hubby like that! This mouse costume is for the kind of girl who’s not ready to settle down with her mouse-to-be and just wants to party! Take a spin on the dance floor with the some of the other cartoon animals. Maybe two at the same time! If you kissed a girl duck and you liked it, this Miss Mikki Adult Costume is for you.

Who’s the leader of a gang that’s made for something or other? M-I-K-K-I… You get the picture. You’re sure to gather a gaggle of followers you can direct in all kinds of song-and-dance routines in this sporty, sassy costume. You’ll be a natural leader just like everyone’s favorite cartoon rodent in this short dress and iconic eared headpiece.

Seeing a mouse run across the floor might be a party-stopper in most instances, but imagine if it was wearing this cute getup. Even the most squeamish of guests would have to think twice about asking a boy to kill it! You, hopefully, don’t have the same kind of baggage to work with when you show up at gatherings as an unwanted rodent, so imagine the wonders it’ll do for your reception! And if you do usually have people screaming and jumping on the furniture, hey, we’re not here to judge, we’re here to help.

Miss Mikki Adult Costume


This mouse has got it going on and she knows it! This Miss Mikki Adult Costume will turn you into everyone’s favorite fashionable mouse!